Which country is your move abroad?

Working in the Netherlands
Do you think about taking a job in the Netherlands? The procedures and rules often differ substantially from what you are used to in your country of residence.
Working abroad
Have you received an attractive offer to work across the border? The differences in rights and duties in the different countries are large.
Cross-border employment with van oers international

Cross-border employment

You are thinking about an employment abroad. Van Oers International helps both businesses and employees to arrange cross-border employment matters.

Cross-border employment with van oers international

Important differences

The first questions that people ask when going to work abroad are about taxes and social security contributions. Yet it is easy to overlook any of the numerous other aspects, for example medical expenses, terms of employment, recordkeeping obligations and other requirements. We guide companies and employees through this maze, helping you to avoid problems further down the road and where possible apply useful facilities.

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