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Due diligence

Your professional due diligence specialist
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Target company review
Anyone who is considering buying or selling a business wonders at some point whether buying that particular business is the smart thing to do. We will help you.
Pre-sale review
Besides assisting in target company reviews, we can also help you with a pre-sale review.
Bankruptcy review
Bankruptcy trustees need to understand the financial conduct of the bankrupt company before the bankruptcy. Our Due Diligence specialists can help you analyse the financial or tax practices and unravel the mishmash of financial information.
IT due diligence
Primary business processes now rely extensively on IT, and it is vital for businesses that the IT environment works properly. Our team will give you professional advise.
Due diligence reviews by Van Oers

What makes Van Oers Accounting & Consulting Services the perfect partner?

The Due Diligence specialists at Van Oers have earned their reputation over many years, and have the skills to quickly and reliably investigate the financial, tax, legal and operational status of small and medium-sized enterprises. The specialists at Van Oers:

  • Investigate the company until they have penetrated below the surface;
  • Help you to avoid unpleasant surprises;
  • Help you to make the most of your chances and opportunities;
  • Can call on other specialists at Van Oers Accounting & Consulting Services at a moment’s notice.

The tip of the iceberg is not enough: we want to map out every detail, and that is what you can expect from us.

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