Planning for a remigration (back) to the Netherlands?

Substantial interests
When you own at least 5% of the shares of one company there is a substantial interest and income is taxed at a separate rate.
Insurance obligation
What are the consequences for your personal situation when you leave for the Netherlands to work there? Make sure you are well informed.
Remigration to the netherlands with van oers international

Remigration to the Netherlands

You are planning to move or return to the Netherlands. Moving back home will involve at least as much paperwork, and as many formalities, as moving away originally did. But do not fear: we are here to help you.

Things are different in the Netherlands

Even before you take up residence in the Netherlands you will need to deal with Dutch tax laws and regulations. You will also need to deal with Dutch insurance, healthcare and old-age pension rules. These rules change continuously: generally they will have changed since when you lived in the Netherlands before. Before you set your move to the Netherlands in motion, it is important to ask someone to map out your situation carefully, to help you avoid missing out on useful facilities and paying more tax than you need in the Netherlands.

Remigration to the netherlands with van oers international

Some issues to bear in mind when moving to the Netherlands

  • What arrangements can you still make while you are abroad?
  • What issues, if any, would you best be advised to leave until after the move to the Netherlands?
  • How will the move impact your own and your family’s health insurance?
  • Do you need to update your will or your prenuptial agreement?
  • Substantial interest?
Remigration to the netherlands with van oers international

Partnerships with local advisers

Every year, our specialist knowledge smoothes the way for dozens of clients to take up residence abroad. We do this in partnership with local colleagues: people who know all about the laws and regulations and who understand how the local bureaucracy works.

Emigration or remigration: questions and further information

Do you want to move or return to the Netherlands? Please contact us to set up a meeting. Your first meeting is entirely free of charge, with no strings attached.

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