Do you want to move abroad or move (back) to the Netherlands?

Ondernemen in het buitenland? Van Oers International adviseert u
Moving abroad not only requires actual travel, it also means navigating through piles of paperwork and countless formalities.
Remigration to the Netherlands
Do you want to settle in the Netherlands? As far as paperwork and formalities are concerned, your return migration will be at least as intensive as your emigration at the time.
(r)emigration with van oers international

Emigration and remigration

Moving to another country is a major decision. Van Oers International can help you deal with the formalities that this involves.

You are planning to move to another country

The way of life, the perennially fine weather or the tax benefits: anyone choosing to move abroad is looking for a change. Before you get there, though, you will need to make some important arrangements: your taxes, insurance, pension and healthcare will all need looking at.

(r)emigration with van oers international

You are planning to return home

The Netherlands probably feels like home. However, you should not underestimate the complications involved: it certainly pays to be properly prepared. What matters should you arrange before you move? How will the move affect your disposable income? How is Dutch social security arranged now?

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  • Emigration: moving from the Netherlands to another country abroad.
  • Remigration: returning to the Netherlands from another country.
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