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Harrie van Oers
Harrie van Oers
In 1964, 25-year-old Harrie van Oers founded Van Oers. At that time he had already gained 10 years’ experience working at an administrative firm. In the space of 50 years, Van Oers has grown to become one of the larger accounting and tax law firms in the southern part of the Netherlands. Until today, Harrie is Van Oers’s key advisor.
About Harrie
‘Dare to come out from behind your desk’

‘Although since 1994 the day-to-day management has been conducted through the shareholders in the partnership, I like to stay abreast of all developments at Van Oers. I consider Van Oers to be my “first child”. This will always be the case. I am proud that we as a firm still carry my family name. Even though we have become a large firm, we still have the atmosphere of ‘a company on the corner’. That says a lot about how we at Van Oers want to deal with each other: personally and in an informal setting. Staff and clients should feel welcome here. That has been our strength for over 50 years. I have always invested in personal contact. I think it is important to demonstrate commitment: you must dare to come out from behind your desk. One requirement for being able to give accounting and tax advice is that you must be a good judge of characters.

I come from a large Zundert-based family; I was one of eight children. In those days, your father decided what your career would look like. Despite that, I made my own choices. I was able to develop through self-study and through my studies at the Katholieke Leergangen in Tilburg. A self-made man and a pioneer; that is simply who I am. I hope to continue to be an advisor at Van Oers for a long time to come with the same level of energy that I had when I founded the company. I recharge my battery by taking long daily walks with our dog.’

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