Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen

Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen bears ultimate responsibility for the tax practice of the Roosendaal office. He finds the broad field of tax and everything related to it challenging, especially because of the constant changes in the tax arena, which he has been studying since the early 1980s, first at the Dutch Tax Authorities (inspector’s study 1985) and later at the Federatie Belasting Academie in Rotterdam (which he completed in 1992 as the best in his year, for which he received the Meester Udo prize). Gerard has been working at Van Oers since 1 December 1993.

‘Sharing tax knowledge with businesses

‘Tax lawyers keep you 100% up to date on current affairs. As such, I never have to still my hunger for new knowledge and developments. That eagerness to learn is in me. I like sharing the tax knowledge I have acquired with businesses, to assist them in finding solutions to tax issues. The current greening of the tax system is a perfect example of such an issue. I offer people input on how best to use the tax facilities to stimulate sustainable corporate behaviour.’

‘For Van Oers I built our practice in Zeeland using Goes as a basis. Over the space of 10 years Goes grew to become a branch with 17 employees. In 2004 we merged our Goes and Roosendaal offices to better combine our collective accounting and tax knowledge. I currently work for businesses in both the western part Brabant and Zeeland. My wife and I live on Zuid-Beveland, which is centrally located between our clients and also the ideal base from which to take the racing bike out for a spin around the Oosterscheldekering and the Zeeland bridge, which I do every Sunday come rain or shine.’