Arno Zagers

It is no coincidence that as an accountant and management consultant Arno Zagers specialises in the agribusiness sector since Arno Zagers grew up in Wernhout and had jobs at tree nurseries and market gardeners from a young age.
‘I feel comfortable with people in this sector. They are honest, open and loyal. They bring with them a great deal of goodwill. I am proud to work for this sector at Van Oers Agro and it is with a great deal of pleasure that I go to work every day.’

‘At home in the agribusiness’

‘I have had a predilection for arithmetic all my life. I quickly see correlations between numbers. I benefit from this gift for arithmetic every day when I sit around the table with farmers and market gardeners to assist them with transferring a business or a financing issue or to discuss their strategies, for example.’

‘In 1983 I started my career in the accounting business as an assistant auditor. I was able to further develop my knowledge and skills through various evening studies*. From 1998 forward, I worked at Roelands & Partners, which later became Van Oers’s merger partner. In 2007 Van Oers launched Van Oers Agriculture. I have been part of Van Oers Agriculture from the start and I am proud that ‒ contrary to the general trend ‒ our agribusiness division has grown considerably. It is a wonderful sector with hardworking people for whom to work. I like being at their beck and call and being able to help them with the knowledge that I have acquired.’

When I am not working with numbers, I like to spend my weekends cooking. I am also an active sportsman. I play club football and I like to play tennis and to go running. In addition, I like to follow bicycle racing with a close group of friends. My motto is “work hard when you have to and party when you can”.’

*Arno Zagers’s educational background is: Practical Certificate in Bookkeeping, Modern Business Administration, National Diploma in Business Studies, HEAO Business Economics and HEAO Accounting and he is a graduated accounting consultant.