Arno Hereijgers

Born and raised in Zundert, Arno Hereijgers feels most at home in this town in Brabant, which is why Van Oers Zundert is logically Arno’s favourite base of operations. From this office he assists businesses in the SME sector and the agricultural sector with their financial business issues.

‘Naturally in Zundert’

‘I was quite young when I started my Saturday job at Roelands & Partners. Therefore, strictly speaking, Van Oers is my first place of work as Roelands & Van Oers merged in 2007. I always combined my various studies with working. I studied in Breda (both HEAO Business Economics and HEAO Accounting), Amsterdam (VU University post-graduate accounting programme) and Eindhoven (Federation Trained Tax Advisors). In 1992 I became a partner at Roelands, the company of our uncle Jos Roelands. Jos Roelands understood better than anyone else the idea of sharing to be able to grow, for which I have the utmost respect.’

‘I think it is wonderful to work at a company that has developed in this way. A special moment occurred for us in Zundert in early 2013 when we acquired a company which resulted in the exponential growth of our agribusiness division. Because of our growth, I now focus on managing the organisation more than I did before. I do, however, ensure that I have sufficient time left to have active contact with clients, using their numbers as the basis for meetings and strategic decisions. That is what gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.’