Planning for an emigration from the Netherlands to foreign countries?

Protective assessment
In the event of emigration from the Netherlands, the Dutch tax authorities will apply an exit tax in certain cases to prevent them from losing tax revenue.
Insurance obligation
What are the consequences for your personal situation when you go abroad to work there? Make sure you are well informed.
Emigration with van oers international


Moving abroad not only requires actual travel, it also means navigating through piles of paperwork and countless formalities. Not to worry, though: Van Oers International has experts to help you through this epic undertaking.

Assistance when moving abroad

Moving abroad is a long-term decision: generally, you intend to stay abroad for an extended duration. The challenge facing you when you make this major change is to get your arrangements right and to your advantage straight away – by definition, it is more difficult and more expensive, if not impossible, to change things further down the road. As experts on the subject we can help you maintain the overview, avoid risks and seize opportunities, and get your life in your new home country off to a good start.

Some issues to bear in mind

  • Will you receive a protective assessment?
  • How will the move affect your social security position?
  • Are you eligible for any special tax facilities?
  • What insurance policies should you cancel, and which ones should you continue?
Emigration with van oers international

Partnerships with local advisers

Every year, our specialist knowledge smoothes the way for dozens of clients taking up residence abroad. We do this in partnership with local colleagues: people who know all about the laws and regulations and who understand how the local bureaucracy works.

Emigration: questions and further information

If you are thinking about moving abroad, or about moving or returning to the Netherlands, talk to us to see what we can do for you. We look forward to sitting down with you to study your plans and answer your initial questions: free of charge with no strings attached.

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