International: audit for international companies

International with Van Oers Audit

Audit for international companies

Does your company have subsidiaries abroad, or is your business itself part of a foreign group? Our accountants have broad experience with legislation and regulations abroad. We would be only too pleased to help with group audits.

International with Van Oers Audit

Foreign subsidiaries

We draw up the audit instructions so that the audit of your foreign subsidiaries can take place on the basis of the right vision and depth. The fact that we are affiliated with the international association called ‘The Leading Edge Alliance’ means we can call in reliable partners and also that the quality of the work is guaranteed.

International with Van Oers Audit

Part of a foreign group

Of course we would also be more than happy to help if your company has to be audited as part of a foreign group. We then conduct the audit on the basis of the instructions from the group accountant.

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René Rademakers | Director audit
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