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R.M. (René) Rademakers RA
Director audit

R.M. (René) Rademakers RA

As director of accounting, René Rademakers is responsible for Van Oers’s audit practice. With a background as an accountant* he finds the combination of the subject matter, supervising young employees and giving the best possible service to clients who are required by law to have their organisations audited challenging.
About René

‘Facing challenges in the audit practice’

‘I think doing challenging work is important, which is why I switched in 2000 from my position as controller in the corporate sector to the financial services at Van Oers. I became a partner in 2003 and I have been expanding and developing the audit department since 2006. Initially, all auditing knowledge was fragmented throughout our organisation. In 2006 we made a conscious decision to group the available audit qualities. We made the right choice. Although we started the audit practice with 9 people, we now have 25 staff who actively focus on auditing our clients who are required by law to have audits conducted. I find it fascinating to assist them in their development and to see them grow in their work.

In addition to my work for Van Oers, I work for the professional practice department of the SRA**, an organisation of independent and public accounting firms in the Netherlands. To stay sharp and fit, I run 10 kilometres every Sunday. I also play tennis every week in my hometown of Oosterhout. Despite all these sports activities I am known mostly as a bon vivant; I enjoy a good glass of wine.’

* René Rademakers successfully completed two studies: HEAO Accounting in Breda (1991) and Post-Graduate Accounting (Tilburg University Tilburg, 1995)
**SRA = Partnership of Register Accountants and Accounting Consultants.

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