Vanoers.comMartin van Dijke
drs. A. W. J. M. (Martin) van Dijke RA
Director Accountancy
drs. A. W. J. M. (Martin) van Dijke RA
Chess: that was Martin van Dijke’s biggest hobby when he was young. A strategic mind game which he still likes to play. But he also loves mountain biking. As an accountant, the chairman of the board at Van Oers assists his clients by always thinking three steps ahead. Providing strategic input, that is Martin’s forte.
About Martin
‘Human strategy’

‘The challenge I face is to make businesses better and stronger by sparring with their owners, assisting them in putting matters in motion and by promoting innovation. Apart from accounting, my interests lie in the organisation of an enterprise, particularly its strategy.

Human strategy encompasses more than examining numbers as an accountant. Among other things, it concerns questions such as: What are our objectives? How can we achieve them? What restrictions must be eliminated (e.g. in terms of financing and legal structure)? What resources are available? What does the step-by-step plan look like? I am happy assist clients with the entire process.

As chairman of the board and member of the strategy committee at Van Oers, my own client portfolio presents wonderful challenges. I am also active as chairman of the European board of the Leading Edge Alliance, which is an international accounting network. I am happy to share the knowledge I acquire there with my clients.’

*Martins accounting background consists of the Post-Graduate Register Accountant programme at Tilburg University (1992) and the Post-Graduate Environmental Accounting programme at the University of Amsterdam (1994).

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