Vanoers.comKees Vermeer
mr. drs. C.J. J. (Kees) Vermeer (RB)
Tax director
mr. drs. C.J. J. (Kees) Vermeer (RB)
Kees Vermeer is a tax lawyer pur sang. He likes to keep abreast of the developments in his field of fiscal economics. The foundation for this knowledge of fiscal economics was laid at Tilburg University (Fiscal Economics, 1985) and at Leiden University (Tax Law, 1999).
About Kees
‘Continue to invest in tax knowledge’

‘Fiscal economics is a field that is subject to constant development. Laws and regulations in this area are constantly changing. My continued investment in my tax knowledge allows me to serve my clients properly. Many clients have placed their trust in our office – Van Oers Oosterhout – for more than 25 years, which makes our relationships very special.’

‘It is the diversity of the types of businesses that I may advise that also makes my job fascinating. My clients include everything from metalworking companies and transport companies to the bakery on the corner. As a board member for the tax division, you get to look behind the scenes at various departments in the organisation. The diversity in SME clients was the reason why I chose for a career at Van Oers in the late 1980s. It is a choice I still stand behind today, and which gives me a lot of pleasure.’

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