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Alexander den Boer RV - Director Corporate Finance
Director corporate finance

Alexander den Boer RV - Director Corporate Finance

As a business economist, Alexander den Boer specialises in assisting with M&A transactions. As director of Van Oers Corporate Finance, he works with passion and gives his all to achieve the best results for his clients, who are predominantly SMEs and large enterprises.
About Alexander

‘Achieving the best results for the client’

‘At Van Oers I have the space to do what I love doing. Each and every acquisition, valuation or financing issue is by definition fascinating. I joined Van Oers in 2006 and became a director/major shareholder in 2009. My strength lies in creating a connection between people who enter into a transaction with one another. Although I focus on the financial interests, I do not lose sight of the human dimension, which includes emotions. There is only one way to find out more about my passion for Corporate Finance and that is to experience it for yourself!’

‘I immerse myself in each and every transaction. People can count on me 24/7, although I do expect something from them in return. If it is essential that matters be handled quickly, the willingness to act quickly must be shown by both sides, even if it means working on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning. That is certainly part and parcel of my performance-oriented drivenness. Running half marathons is one example of how I discover my limits and push them where possible. You work towards the finish line, but you need to prepare properly to be able to make it. This metaphor always applies to mergers and acquisitions: you must stay sharp throughout the entire transaction and pick up the pace at the right moment in order to get everyone to the finish line with a smile on their faces.’

*After his studies, Alexander den Boer followed the post-graduate ‘Business Valuation’ programme at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and in 2009 he was listed in the register of Register Valuators, a register for financial experts who specialise in determining the value of enterprises.

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